Participatory planning session

Yesterday 13 January AURAL kicked off with a group of students taking part in the undergraduate research assistantship (URA) programme. After the administrative URA induction, and powered up by drinks and snacks, we ran our research planning session.

Students discussed the reasons for applying to URA, as well as the achievements they hope to attain during the programme. We also discussed the logistics for the writing and delivery of their diaries and the reimbursement scheme for their time spent in the project.

Most importantly, students in three teams came up with a number of common goals for their learning. These will serve as prompts for their journals, so that they can monitor their objectives.


Learning goals devised during the planning session.


AURAL kicks off

The first participatory session will take place on 13 January, and will involve a number of undergraduate research assistants from the Spring 2016 cohort.