Diary writing intructions

How to write your diary

Thank you for helping us with our study, which will benefit you through taking part in a research project, and also future students undertaking this work.  We would like you to write your diary every day that you work in your URA project.

Here are some hints for writing your diary:

    • We’re interested in your experiences as an undergraduate research assistant while working in your project. This has to do with all aspects of the programme.
    • In particular, we want to know about what you learn in the process, as well as whether you encounter any challenges to complete your work.
    • Please remember that the diary is about you. We’re interested in everything that happens to you during the URA programme. This includes not only activities, but also your thoughts and feelings. For example, if you feel frustrated, happy or confused about something related to your research or project, we would like to know.
    • Remember to write as soon as possible after your working day/hours. This will maximise the points that you recall and can write about.
    • We’re asking you to write around 300 words, but we don’t mind if you write more.
    • Don’t worry about grammar or beautiful writing, just express yourself openly and record what happened when at work.
    • Remember to email all diaries of the week each Friday to aural@bournemouth.ac.uk

Please use this template to write your diary entries. Here are some prompts:

Date and hours worked that day

What, why and how? What happened today in your URA work, with details.

Any challenges? Related to the above. If none encountered, just say so and why.

Learning. What did you learn today as part of the URA work? If you learnt nothing, just say so and explain why. As a guide, in the planning session you said that your learning goals were to gain or improve:

  • Applied research skills, including report writing
  • Software skills
  • Industry-related knowledge
  • Time management

You can include other material if it helps you to express yourself. Web links, photos and videos can be emailed with your diaries.

If you want to write extra diary entries to complete a milestone, you can write about three optional topics. 300 words or more about each equals a diary entry.

Tell us about:

  • The experience of applying to and getting the post of Undergraduate Research Assistant.
  • The experience of keeping a diary in relation to your research work.
  • The most striking/remarkable experience during your URA placement.


Jacqueline & Rachel, AURAL research team

And remember that if you have any questions, you can write to Jacqueline jpriego@bournemouth.ac.uk